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The nature of wealth in Britain

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Jeremy Corbyn MP

"The government keeps cutting spending on public services and attacking the incomes of the poorest, yet the wealthiest are allowed to keep piling up money. It's time we tackled the gross accumulation of wealth and growing inequality, both in terms of class and region - redistributing wealth from the very richest to working people. I welcome Jon's report and the national discussion it launches."


Rebecca Long-Bailey MP

"This report highlights the acute growth of inequality juxtaposed against the rapid accumulation of wealth. It is clear that the unfairness that sees income from wealth taxed at lower rates than income from work must end if we are to have any chance of providing the public services everyone deserves, as well as tackling crisis such as Climate Change and Social Care. This report will be a key tool in sparking the national debate about how we reform our tax system fairly so that it works in everyone’s interests."


john mcdonnell MP

"We live in a society of grotesque levels of inequality with appalling extremes of wealth, poverty and insecurity. This report not only exposes these extremes but more importantly shows how they can be tackled."


Diane abbott MP

"This is a very timely report from my colleague Jon Trickett. The government has launched a huge offensive on ordinary people cutting their living standards, pay and conditions at work and raising their taxes. But at the same time there is a huge pandemic bonanza for Tory donors and Tory cronies, with billionaires multiplying in number and getting richer by the day. Scandalously, Universal Credit is being cut while the government wants to cut taxes on the banks we bailed out.  This report is an important corrective to the nonsense that 'there is no money' left when it comes to funding public services including pay, of funding investment and tackling climate change."


Ian Lavery MP

“This is an incredibly important and timely report produced by my friend and colleague Jon Trickett MP. Throughout the pandemic the rich have amassed vast fortunes while the poorest in our communities continue to struggle resulting in an ever widening and unsustainable wealth gap. 


This report outlines real alternative solutions to another round of austerity that will raise billions via a wealth tax to be spent on recovering from the pandemic in a way that works for everyone rather than just an extremely privileged few."


Grace Blakeley

‘The Bank of England has spent the pandemic bailing out big businesses that have laid off workers and dished out cash to shareholders, as well as propping up asset prices to make the wealthy wealthier. This is a grossly unjust use of public resources and we need to reform the tax system to make sure we can claw back some of the cash that’s been dished out to the rich and redistribute it to ordinary working people.’


Richard Burgon MP

"The case for a wealth tax is greater than ever. While millions of people have struggled to make ends meet throughout this crisis, British billionaires have got £290m richer every day. Our whole Labour movement needs to make the call for a Wealth Tax one of our key demands in building a fairer society. This document can play an important role in helping activists win the argument for it."

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PRof Prem sikka

"Some 14.5 million people live in poverty and there is chronic lack of investment in public services. This landmark report provides practical solutions to rebuild economy and society through redistribution and a modest level of tax on accumulated wealth.  The prize is a stronger economy and a just society".

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