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Justice for the WASPI women

This morning I signed an Early Day Motion in parliament paying tribute to the Women Against State Pension Inequality and showing my continued support for their campaign.

At least 3.8 million women in our country have lost money because of the change in pension age from 60 to 65. This includes 6000 women in Hemsworth constituency.

Many of these women born in the 1950s were subject to discriminatory employment laws earlier in life. They were denied the same level of pension entitlements as men.

They had no idea and received no prior warning that their pension age was due to change. Their finances and future plans have been severely damaged as a result.

The changes have had an appalling impact on many women, some of whom have been pushed into poverty and even homelessness.

These women have suffered injustice after injustice throughout their lives. It’s time we right this historic wrong.

I have been inspired by the grit and determination of the women involved in the WASPI campaign. This issue is still on the political agenda because they have refused to give up and refused to give in.

I was proud that at the last election the Labour Party committed to addressing this issue once and for all. I will fight to ensure this remains a commitment of my party.

I urge the Conservative government to put political differences aside and do the right thing. They must provide full restitution to women born in the 1950s who have lost their pensions because of the impact of the rise in retirement age.

To the WASPI women, I urge you to keep fighting. You will always have my support.



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