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Children have been cheated by the Tory government

In the House of Commons today, Jon Trickett, Member of Parliament for Hemsworth constituency in West Yorkshire, highlighted the funding inequality in primary and secondary schools, showing that Wakefield schools, on average, have seen cuts of £514 per pupil between 2012-2022. Despite this, pupil numbers have been growing, and Wakefield schools now have an extra 4,322 pupils over the same time period.

There have also been huge cuts per pupil to schools in the Hemsworth constituency. In fact all primary and secondary schools in the constituency have seen cuts, which average £554. However, some schools have seen much bigger cuts, which can be viewed, along with information about pupil numbers and the percentage of pupils on free school meals (FSM), in the document below.

Schools in Hemsworth
Download XLSX • 78KB



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